Welcome to my blog!  My biggest motivation for this site was to ensure I stayed true and transparent.  This is not a blog where everything you are going to come across is filtered and edited.  I simply don't subscribe to that AND I am fully aware of the impact that falsehood has on all of us.  Being human is amazing!  We should celebrate it more than we do, even when is less than pretty.  

Now, let's get real.  There are times in life where we just don't have it together.  For most, keeping those experiences off social media is of utmost importance.  Could it be that puts us all at a disadvantage as being human comes with shiny moments and those much less than shiny times?   Do you ever go online and look at all the feeds and wonder what catastrophic failure you made in your younger years as your life doesn't even seem to compare to the lives of others online?    Let's be serious, everyone struggles, everyone goes through tough times .  On this blog, we are going to talk about all of it.  Welcome!

I'd love to hear from you!